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  3. I'm wore out CYankee Accuracy friends
  4. Before I hit the sack
  5. Friend Torana
  6. Controlling barrel vibrations with a muzzle device
  7. A million things to do.....
  8. Evaluating the triple lug Turbo
  10. What do we actually know about this rimfire accuracy stuff?
  11. Triple lug with Muller Mini Ratchet
  12. A pretty May day with my XP Pistol
  13. PSL half way into the 2015 season
  14. Thanks...
  15. CYA friends
  16. Shooter support for the Triple Crown...
  17. Two sensitive topics I'm mulling on how to address
  18. The Triple Crown - The Primer
  19. Why won't it shoot this lot of ammo today, it did last week.
  20. I did it, I did it, I beat the hill
  21. I am currently working with the Grünig&Elmiger Racer + R2
  22. Friend Az_Speed
  23. Triple lug TCA
  24. Happy Mother's Day
  25. Here's what we're up against
  26. Follow the Triple Crown on Facebook
  27. Friend Peter Armstrong
  28. Ultimate Accuracy - Future or Back to the Future ?
  29. Big RFBR shoot coming up week after next.
  30. I miss by ole buddy Flash Ebert
  31. Livonia PSL Hotel
  32. I just learned something
  33. What do TDX, Stocker, and Peter Armstrong have in common?
  34. Triple Crown Rules
  35. Dumpers diving
  36. Why Good Barrels Lead
  37. Eley Seminar at the Triple Crown
  38. Ogive Length - Just another Test
  39. Scope mounting variations
  40. WCF ARA Match Results
  41. Friend Paul Tolvstad
  42. What the ???
  43. Congratulations Richard Gorham
  44. Congratulations Dan Killough
  45. Congratulations Todd Wooten
  46. New 3 lug RFBR action in the works over at Old World
  47. Triple Crown
  48. Sapitus............
  49. Triple Crown Equipment List
  50. Triple Crown Prize Table Sponsor Thank You !!!!
  51. The magic of momentum dependent, PAS ignition
  52. We're close to getting back to the Paallell Node and stopping the muzzle
  53. This is what we're after
  54. CYA friends
  55. Rimfire accuracy advancement, through art
  56. Congratulations Tom Wilkinson
  57. Almost there
  58. Some things in rimfire accuracy are a given
  59. Duck Hawk
  60. What is RFBR?
  61. Flash Ebert
  62. question
  63. CYA friends
  64. copperhead action
  65. An appeal to Bill and Lonnie of 10-X
  66. Why remove the 12:00 cocking teat and ramp from TCA's...movie
  67. Accident or on purpose?
  68. Had my stock painting graded.....
  69. Copperhead
  70. Is a 3-Lug Action Significantly better than a 2-Lug in Rimfire
  71. Why the Turbo is King of rimfire accuracy actions
  72. 50 Days to go WRABF World Championships
  73. A doodle for marfarkle
  74. Friend marfarkle
  75. Effecting change can be most difficult
  76. Serious discussion about rimfire accuracy
  77. What would I use to save my life
  78. CYA friends
  79. Friend Az_Speed
  80. Depth of cut on a new tuner?
  81. The exact center of the Parallel Node
  82. "A mini version of a completely stationary barrel"
  83. Varaible power scope on a IR-50 sporter
  84. Been working with an E Turbo
  85. Chamber cleaning
  86. PSL in two weeks
  87. Classic memories, locked forever in time
  88. Congratulations Fred "Rooster" Sears, 2015 ARA, Louisiana State Champ
  89. Fred "Rooster" Sears chances at Livonia
  90. Why the name CYankees?
  91. What's coming next?
  92. The Shilen octagon, positive and negative
  93. Calfee, "are you too nit-picky?
  94. tuning methods and accuracy expectations
  95. Questions about C'Yankee's
  96. Livonia is only 9 days away.
  97. Eyes wide open....
  98. WCF ARA Match Results 6-18-15
  99. Livonia PSL
  100. Perfect.............
  101. Bring my Ogive concerns up to date.
  102. I saw it, but I don't believe it..............
  103. First five rounds, movie
  104. And the group measures.............
  105. results of the ir 5050 unlimited yards match 6/20/2015 at fairchance
  106. Six more day till the Livonia PSL
  107. Headed to the range to shoot this Dan Muller corrugated 8......again
  108. The third leg of the 2015 PSL season is almost here.
  109. The future of this Dan Muller, corrugated 8 groove, and why
  110. The magic of it all, lapping
  111. Ed Shilen, a couple of stories...
  112. Killough, full fill, straight line in solid colors, I don't believe it....
  113. Ed Shilen story 1
  114. Ed Shilen story 2
  115. Weather for the Livonia PSL
  116. ARA 2400 record holder has passed
  117. I want a change made..............sorry.
  118. Friend Glen H
  119. Saturday, 75 degrees and 5 MPH wind from the west.....
  120. Boy. what a day at Livonia
  121. Butt Naked, the most interesting RFBR gun in history
  122. Rooster
  123. The celebration will begin
  124. Fred "Rooster" Sears
  125. Just talked to Fred "Rooster" Sears
  126. PAS ignition, a story
  127. Fred's equipment, Rooster
  128. Congratulations Fred "ROOSTER" Sears
  129. Man, what a PSL season so far.......L
  130. Fred "Rooster" Sears's philosophy on equipment.
  131. Mr. Octagon
  132. The X factor
  133. Calfee XP pistols
  134. For BC....the Calfee 37
  135. What a PSL here in 2015
  136. Movie, XP manual reset trigger
  137. Under 3 weeks to go WRABF World Championships
  138. One week and the dust still isn't settled
  139. Friend Peter Armstrong
  140. This is where we're headed
  141. 22 years ago- BC, Mac-the-knife, and the XP
  142. Why I do this stiff
  143. Had an interesting letter in the mail today
  144. Headed to the range
  145. Bedding, stocks amd pinto beans
  146. Mr. PAS, TCA, triple lug action maker(s)
  147. Oh so close..........
  148. Why PAS ignition produces such uniform, repeatable penetration runs
  149. The happening
  150. It's art, in the purest sense of the word.
  151. Friend Jim Peightal
  152. Being a rimfire schmidt is most interesting.......
  153. IF
  154. Question for Bill Calfee about a muzzle device setting
  155. Mullerworks PSL Summer Showdown at Livonia..........equipment and current PSL points.
  156. The ART of taper lapping a rimfire bore
  157. Mr. Octagon
  158. Movie, "OUR FIREMEN" by Joy Oates
  159. Pistolitus
  160. 2015, PSL points and equipment list
  161. Local man wins National Shooting Competition, memory movie.
  162. Pistol shooting from a pro...cough cough...
  163. WCF ARA Match Results 7-16-15
  164. Headed to the range to test....
  165. Received an interesting target in the mail today.
  166. Congratulations Fred "ROOSTER" Sears, 2015 ARA, Georgia State Champion
  167. Foster "Cherry Bomb" Arvin
  168. Fred "ROOSTER" Sears pulls a "Stanley Drake" on the folks in Georgia
  169. CYA friends
  170. Time for reflection
  171. Changing of the guard
  172. Flavio Fare' Triggers
  174. I'm anxious for the PSL points to be posted...
  175. Triggers
  176. Roller bearings in triggers.....
  177. Running a spearment
  178. Triggers and ignition
  179. News from Arkansas
  180. David "RIDGE RUNNER" Cook
  181. Congratulations Jeff "Hot Sticks" Carroll, 2015, Indiana ARA State Champion
  182. Mullerworks corrugated 8 groove, WOW
  184. Had a call from the ROOSTER this morning.
  185. The oxygen has been sucked out of the room.....
  186. The Wilkinson spring
  187. The baddest of the bad
  188. Wrabf International Sporter World Champs Official Results
  189. Rubber mounted HH/MD weight head, accuracy advantage, yes or no?
  190. The World RFBR games
  192. What's the story on Tomi Korpi............
  193. What's going to happen?
  194. Is the USA about to get hammered for the first time?
  195. Why aren't cut rifled barrel competitive in big time RFBR?
  196. Congratulations Tomi Korpi
  197. live wrabf
  198. ARA project rifle
  200. Congratuations Peter Armstrong
  201. Congratulations Tomi Korpi, 2015, RFBR World Champion
  202. On the HOME FRONT "USA"
  203. Latest news
  204. On the "WORLD" Stage !!
  205. Us USA folks are licking our wounds.
  206. I've got Pistolitus bad..
  207. The baddest of the bad..
  208. WRABF and FALCON
  209. IR 50/50 & Unlimited Matches sat. 08/01/15 at Wawarsing Rod & Gun Club
  210. Wallkill Rod & Gun Club
  211. Only one month till PSL time in St. Louis
  212. The most important question in the world of big time RFBR this year
  213. GRADE I or GRADE II?
  214. The final countdown
  215. Bill Calfee, spare parts question.....
  216. PAS ignition for an XP
  217. ARA project rilfe
  218. Gun Trust
  219. Just a little over three weeks till the St. Louis PSL
  220. Televising Benchrest Matches
  221. PAS Ignition
  222. Question - wsmallwood
  223. I love RFBR pistols......
  224. Foolproof scope mounting
  225. GA State Sporter, 3 Gun,& UL - then Gulf Coast Regional
  226. A very special congratulations.......
  227. Scope Mounting Experiment
  228. A very special CYankee win today
  230. Match Video
  231. The Art of Rimfire Accuracy, book reviews
  232. Club match results
  233. Just two more weeks
  234. Removing the last few crumbs from the rimfire accuracy table.....
  235. XP pistols at the St. Louis PSL
  236. WCF ARA Match Reults
  237. I miss by ole buddy Flash Ebert 2
  238. What's wrong with the currently available triple lug actions?
  240. Barrel diameter
  241. This is what the CYankees are after
  242. Why must these triple lug actions be PAS ignitioned?
  243. A right way and a wrong way.......
  244. If I'm serious........
  245. Travel time in just seven more days...
  246. Time's winding down.......
  247. Bill Calfee, ten round penetration test?
  248. Why does PAS ignition dominate big time RFBR?
  249. 5 more days till travel time is here...
  250. Test lots of black from Dan Killough