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  1. Let's talk no wind
  2. Wind or no
  3. Will my barrel buck the wind?
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  6. Factory Sporter Bench Tecniques / Tips
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  8. Testing
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  11. The psychology of winning 3-gun, especially at the big, multi day events.
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  15. It still hasn't soaked completely in yet...
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  17. MD-PAS Turbo Class actions, verses the current, rear lock-up Stiller actions.
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  22. A SAP verses MD-PAS story from 2013'
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  25. Response to jerry.....from the barrel poll thread...
  26. Loading ramp design
  27. Used RFBR guns
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  31. Something old, and something new...
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  33. Smart move by JPAT
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  35. The chance of a SAP ignition shooter breaking Big Dog's Record
  36. Will CHISUM be the new back up gun for Bruce and Noah?
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  39. Why Jeff Patterson is quickly becoming the RFBR schnmidt of record...
  40. The areas of drag in 40-X style rimfire ignition...
  41. The "thinker" expanded....
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  44. Friend Paul Tolvstad
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  46. Georgia on my mind...
  47. Will the upcoming St Louis ARA Nationals be a letdown?
  48. ARA Outdoor A-LINE....2021
  49. Larry "Paladin/Chisum" Parsons is crucifying the ARA Outdoor A-LINE
  50. Tony "TD-JUNIOR" Harper.....a story...
  51. Congratulations Tony "TDX" Harper
  52. What would have happened, if.......?
  53. News flash
  54. Giving credit were it belongs...
  55. How will the upcoming Georgia PSL compare with the Rocky River PSL of 2009?
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  57. Rule or exception.Fortner action.
  58. Where we are on 22 LR ammo market/developing? In prison?
  59. Barrel diameter & bullet thickness
  60. Lapping time