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  1. Buck Creek 7/7/18
  2. Top Ten of 15
  3. Axehandle
  4. Kentucky State Tournament August 4, 2018 Buck Creek
  5. St Louis is just 2 1/2 weeks away.........
  6. Buck Creek Club Match 9/8/18
  7. Buck Creek October 6 Double Header
  8. Not 1, Not 2, Not 3.....BUT 4
  9. Livonia's next match...
  10. Maurice Hassard's sporter equipment?
  11. Rule Britannia
  12. How's the little guy doing?
  13. Todd Wooten, and Greg Davis
  14. Butterfly extractor slots
  15. What do Greg Davis and Todd Wooten have in common?
  16. 5-gun Top Ten in South Africa 2019 World Championships
  17. C'mon guys n gals get a Yankees team together
  18. Why the muzzle was damaged on the old Broughton
  19. A question, for anyone?
  20. Squirrel rimfire 2019 results
  21. Oh my goodness!
  22. Uh-Oh..........Uh-Oh
  23. Dont be scared.This was 25 m competition.
  24. Old news but World Record is always intresting
  25. Friend Big Dog
  26. Who in the world would name a RFBR gun, "BLACK DEATH"?
  27. Will there be a Triple Crown at Kettlefoot this year?
  28. Congratulations Tad E
  29. Congratulations Todd "Merlin" Wooten
  30. Congratulations Jerry Stiller
  31. Congratulations Jason Thornhill
  32. Congratulations Tom Wilkinson, 2020 Triple Crown Champion
  33. Friend Rob Propst
  34. CYA pistol fool friends
  35. Friend Tony "TDX" Harper
  36. Congratulations Steve Scott
  37. Congratulations Todd "Merlin" Wooten
  38. Congratulations Marion Collier
  39. Will RFBR actions with the giant centerfire barrel thread..........
  40. A unique characteristic
  41. My dream barrel.....
  42. For Sale
  43. Sporter to meters 2.8.2020
  44. Used RFBR guns
  45. Our Nationals to 25 m (27,5 yd)
  46. Eley World Postal Oct 31 Nov 1st 3 targets each day
  47. I've got to give Jim Peightal a call...
  48. Scott Whytsells new record
  49. Congratulations David Gilliam
  50. A killer SAP contraption...
  51. Congratulations to Noah "Paladin" Johns and Eddie Robinson
  52. Uncle Tom
  53. Congratulations Eddie Robertson
  54. Will a SAP action RFBR gun break Big Dog's ARA Indoor Nationals Record?
  55. SAP and Eley Nations
  56. What must SAP action nation be thinking today......
  57. Eley verses Lapua
  58. IR-50 Indoor Sporta Nationals this week-end...
  59. Congratulations Bruce Hornstein
  60. Congratulations Marc Mankin.....
  61. Friend Tony K Harper
  62. Congratulations Richard Gorham
  63. Congratulations Paul "MI" Tolvstad
  64. Congratulations Todd "Merlin" Wooten
  65. Congratulations Ken Joyce
  66. Congratulations Larry "Paladin" Parsons
  67. Congratulations Jason Thornhill
  68. 750's at the IR-50 stage of the triple crown today..
  69. Big aggs and Big targets courtesy of MD-PAS ignition and Greg Monroe..
  70. Friend Paul "Minimally Invasive" Tolvstad...
  71. Congratulations John Prince
  72. I hate to wish my life away, but..
  73. Will a SAP contraption finally win an ARA Area Tournament in St Louis this week-end?
  74. Diana won Turbos
  75. Congratulations Larry "Paladin" Parsons..
  76. Web Cup
  77. Congratulations I v a n W e l l s
  78. Congratulations James Garrett
  79. Mary Sherrill Memorial Match
  80. Squirrel Rimfire results
  81. 5x10 shot group competions to 100 m (110yd) results yesterday
  82. First E-Target results here
  83. Favorites to break Michael "Black Death" Sherrill's ARA Indoor Nationals Record.
  84. Odds forthe Mullerworks PSL and ARA Indoor Nationals...
  85. It's up to $3,250.00...with six days to go...
  86. Will a SAP ignition RFBR gun win the Mullerworks PSL tomorrow?
  87. Congratulations Brian Brandt
  88. The one flaw with the ARA Indoor Nationals....