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  1. What wins on Sunday................
  5. Is Bill Collaros associated with the WRABF, in any fashion?
  6. I'm just walking in place....
  7. Here's what we need to advance rimfire accuracy......
  8. SAP ignition
  9. Friend Deveng
  10. Friend Timo
  11. A package from Timo
  12. Friend wsmallwood
  13. HISTORY wonder is it the same TIMO from Finland that post here ?
  14. When you must hit with first shot
  15. ARA certification of submitted 2500 targets
  16. Product update
  17. What does shooting a 250 x 25X IR-50 card actually mean?
  18. Knive Art from Finland
  19. Today is 80 years when Winter War begun here
  20. Our good country celebrates today 102 year birthday
  21. Be friendly to everyone, He is coming
  22. Had an interesting phone call today.
  23. The tragedy of SPEC 9
  24. Eley verses Lapua
  25. We are what we are here in Finland
  26. Friend gun fool Timo
  27. Friend Deveng
  28. A cat fight....
  29. If.............................
  30. Al Hadfield has passed
  31. Did you ever see yourself?
  32. I feel sorry for folks.....
  33. Opinion
  34. Had a call from Mike Mullins today
  35. Will we see a resurgence of non-trick barrels?
  36. A Bill Calfee philosophy.........
  37. Bill - Question
  38. Dog chasing a car.
  39. Gun Rags
  40. Congratulations to Pro-150
  41. Projection
  42. One mile "world record" ?
  43. Friend tentoten
  44. 1971 when also car magazine made gun tests here in Finland
  45. Used RFBR guns
  46. Repost
  47. The bubble will always burst.
  48. I know where there's a new, 28" Muller Modified 4-MI blank
  49. The Calfee chamber
  50. It ain't none of my business....
  51. Redemption Island
  52. Brother Large Format Scanners
  53. Censorship
  54. My case against shooting BR-50 today in RFBR
  55. Tim Miller Tell me it ain't so
  56. Friend Admin
  57. Friend Tony "TDX" Harper
  58. Who is the Cheshire Cat?
  59. Friend Tony "TDX" Harper
  60. Statement of life
  61. Jimmy Jack, as is, is not for sale.
  62. Merry Christmas
  63. Where to find Lapua?
  64. Stopping the Lapua tidal wave
  65. Happy DR Martin Luther King Jr day.
  66. Price Gouging
  67. In his own Zipp Code
  68. Is Tony "TDX" Harper the greatest RFBR shooter in history?
  69. Mission statement
  70. Is anything applicable to the DiOrio V-3?
  71. You have cold wheather part of USA?
  72. C ten Boom
  73. Black Death, an American hero
  75. Congratulations Mike Lowe
  76. Friend RFS99
  77. The most important RFBR match in history..
  78. 22 LR Sniper shooting to 100 m
  79. Hall ignition upgrade...404tbang.....
  80. Tom Bradford
  81. Pure speculation....
  82. MD-PAS ignition, why it dominates......
  83. Patent from year 1933
  84. Jeff Patterson was out today...
  85. Bore glazing.....
  86. Why I've fallen in love with Indoor RFBR....
  87. Initial retardation
  88. Why I do this SAP verses MD-PAS thing?
  89. How many?
  90. Memories......
  91. I wonder......how many...?
  92. Minimally Invasive
  93. Asked to post a picture....
  94. This is how it is.....cleaning rods...
  95. Eley or Lapua?
  96. CROCS Coming Home
  97. Doodle of the day......
  98. Wanting to buy...
  99. Showcasing absurdity with absurdity through my doodles...
  100. Door prizes at the triple crown....
  101. The quality of the shooting talent at this years triple crown week of events.
  102. Getting Little Black Knight ready...
  103. Rigor mortis
  104. Friend Rob Propst
  105. Someone's thinking outside the box...
  106. Mystery package arrived
  107. Mystery package arrives, II...
  108. We need some Weaver pattern scope bases for Calfee style mounting...
  109. It's an amazing time in the world of RFBR
  110. I'm most fortunate....
  111. Ever Wonder
  112. Another MD-PAS 2500.....
  113. Iconic RFBR guns have a following...
  114. We need some doodles.....
  115. Friend Tony "TD Junior" Harper
  116. 2020 Olympics
  117. What TDX has that I don't have......
  118. 34th Palmisano CF BR competition this weekend here in Finland
  119. Will a SAP ignition shooter win any of the ARA Area Tournaments this year?
  120. Will a SAP contraption finally win an ARA Area Tournament in St Louis this week-end?
  121. Rifle's used in Womens 3P Olympic Finals
  122. A dream has finally come true....
  123. A poll......which would you prefer?
  124. Friend Bill Johnson
  125. Where does SAP ignition Nation go from here?
  126. Thank you WLB
  127. A poll: What ammo will win the upcoming St Louis ARA Nationals?
  128. Aussie USA Alliance
  129. He's sick and tired...
  130. Was Ivan Wells using a Vudoo contraption?
  131. Green and gold....or...I may get to shoot Minimally Invasive again..
  132. Hula Hoops
  133. New hobby
  134. Dramatic case in Lapua history
  135. Who will win the upcoming ARA Indoor Nationals?
  136. This G.O.A.T. thing......
  137. He's' simply making a shambles of the 2021 ARA Outdoor A-LINE
  138. Friend Tony "TD-JUNIOR" Harper
  139. Im reminded
  140. The upcoming ARA Indoor Nationals....
  141. Updated ARA Outdoor A-LINE standings
  142. Out of sight, out of mind
  143. A poll, who has the best chance of breaking Big Dog's ARA Indoor Nationals Record?
  144. PAT 6.....
  145. Larry "XP#10" Parsons sets the new ARA Outdoor A-LINE Target Record
  146. Bore cleaning information...
  147. Will the Trident and 2500X shooters do any better?
  148. SAP Nation has a contender.....
  149. Week on the forest
  150. Thank you Larry "Paladin" Parsons
  151. The most important Big National RFBR Indoor Event in history....
  152. I had an interesting name for a RFBR gun suggested to me today...
  153. The demise of SAP Nation as a serious entity of Big Time RFBR..
  154. A very exclusive RFBR Club...
  155. Breaking news....
  156. Is this a 2500 PSL card?
  157. The value of used Calfee's
  158. We have a new member of the PSL 12000 Club
  159. Top 25 after one at the ARA Indoor...
  160. Our 104th Independence Day and big order to USA is almost ready
  161. A question:
  162. Hudson Wright