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  2. I'd given anything to have had this little 40-X pistol
  3. Killer ignition
  4. A review of my book, "The Art of rimfire Accuracy"
  5. Congratulations Duck Hawk
  6. While making a new ignition change, a second idea pops up
  7. The DiOrio V-3 firing pin spearment
  8. It's all in the execution
  9. Livonia
  10. As fate would have it.....
  11. What the hollering is all about
  12. An old friend from the past....and a pleasant surprise....
  13. We're never too old to learn
  14. I'm amazed more and more as I fool with these old Canjar's
  15. What about putting a DiOrio crescent in an E Turbo?
  16. You need to contact your SAP action maker
  17. I've had several comments about this picture...
  18. I couldn't afford to shoot RFBR, in today's world.
  19. The dilemma Anschutz faces going forward
  20. How SPEC 5 got the name "Black Death"
  21. Relating a story...
  22. My 2019 RFBR Christmas list
  23. Well, where do we go from here?
  24. Jim Peightal's art
  25. What if?
  26. There's only one goal left
  27. IR-50 10 Shot...
  28. New Turbo "Perfect Crescent" firing pin springs
  29. Leade engraving and smokeless powder
  30. RF developing little under 1 X / decade?