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Bill Calfee
11-18-2019, 09:47 PM
A deal..................

CYA friends:

Here's what I'd be willing to do:

For an independent tester.

I'd have my new MD-PAS pistol set up on the bench.

I'd have both firing pins, my chisel and the DiOrio crescent, and the tools necessary for me to change them back and forth.

You the independent tester supplies the ammo, whatever you wish, good or bad.....that's up to you.

I will then let you drag a brush, with solvent, through the bore of my pistol, one stroke.

Followed by you pushing two patches through the bore.

You, the independent tester, then sits down and fires five foulers.

You then kick out five, 5 shot groups.


I'll then remove the breech bolt, and proceed to change the firing pin, while you drag a brush, with solvent, through the bore one time, followed by two patches.

I'll have the firing pin changed by the time you finish cleaning the bore of the pistol.

You, the independent tester, will then foul the bore with five foulers....

Then kick out five, 5 shot groups.

Then you tell me which five shot groups were the best......

Then I'll show you which pin shot which string of five shot groups.

There ain't no fooling anyone here, cause one of the two pins is still in the pistol...

CYA friends:

If I had 50 shooters run this test, I'll bet a ten dollar bill that the overwhelming majority of their best five, 5 shot groups, will be with the DiOrio crescent.

Your friend, Bill Calfee



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