View Full Version : Where Gun Fool can put all ideas ?

05-05-2020, 02:56 AM
Mostly thinking loud:

I was years ago in psycological tests.My employer is global company and they are making those few times to employees .

There was lot of text of me,but one sentence put me always smiling: "Timo get/has so much ideas that he needs lot of people around him to accomplish those".

Part of my job is product developing,but they are not to gun&ammo now.

I have made few patents personally and few also to my employer by years.

Few ideas have been so much out of box/ radical that sometimes they are not easy to get to market.One was to fishing and it was forbidden in competitions.

Now "gun fool side" is only hobby and think many times what to do all ideas what my gun fool head is making.

Our Finnish market is very small,mass producers are maybe not very intrested because they are making average quality to average people where are biggest volumes.

Somebody said: "Many times wise people take advantage of ideas what crazy people have invented".

I know of product developing that you must have 100 ideas,there is maybe 5-10 of 100 which should take more serious look and then maybe 1-2 are "jewells" what rise to the Top and get ahead.

I am not thinking anymore things serious by economical reasons, but to Gun Fool it gives best satisfaction when or if you can see your idea working in practice.

Where to put all gunfool ideas?

BR, Timo