View Full Version : The "mickey mouse" world of barrel ornaments.

Bill Calfee
03-03-2021, 10:48 PM
The "mickey mouse" world of barrel ornaments.

CYA accuracy fool friends:

CYA member Bob Finger has given the world of rimfire accuracy one of the greatest pieces of advice for newbies, as well as seasoned veterans, concerning the "mickey mouse" world of barrel ornaments...

Here again is Bob's advice:


"Gadgets or ornaments or whatever you want to call them only enrich those who make and/or sell them.

I have a large box full of the things I have tested over the years. They remain in the box. With what I paid for them and all the ammo I wasted testing I could have had another rifle made, easily.

Assuming your barrel is .900 and about 24 to 25 inches long set the tuner at 160 and test in very small increments from there. Once you get it to shoot with good ammo then play all you want with the toys. I'll buy you a steak dinner if you can get the rifle to consistently shoot better with anything other than a standard Harrells.

Now if you are a metallic sights shooter a bloop tube can be a valuable addition. It increases the sighting plane by several inches, which is a significant improvement. Bob

For ARA save your time and money. They don't help. They actually hurt. bob"


Thank you Bob Finger...there's no way to measure the money, headache, and heartache you've saved newbies, as well as seasoned veterans, with your sound advice.

Your pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee