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Thread: More notes to myself

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    Friend AD

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    Here are a few more drawings of the V3 XP trigger. The first drawing shows the original lever layout and contact points, the second drawing shows the new layout. The third drawing shows an isometric view of the trigger housing with the lever pins installed and the sear adjustment screw. The housing will be machined from a solid billet of aluminum and then anodized. The lever pins will be pressed into the housing and the levers will rotate on the pins. The transfer bar will slide onto the front pillar of the housing. The rear pillar of the housing will keep the transfer bar from popping out of the housing when the trigger is removed. The housing cover will be located by two counterbores that mate up with the pillars and two Torx FHS will fasten the housing cover to the trigger housing. Installing one of these triggers into a hanger will be as simple as a Bix N Andy, Flavio or Jewel.

    Best Regards, Anthony


    Friend AD:

    As my buddy Darrell Horsley would say, "Now we're cooking with gas".

    Man this thing looks good...

    I see you've moved the third lever pivot pin rearward to make use of your extended housing in the rear.

    Along with moving the transfer bar contact point on the top of the third lever rearward to match.

    AD, this will make the new V-3 XP trigger even lighter in pull weight than the Bond.

    Another neat thing, the trigger pin bushings:

    I visualized them as floating, so I wondered how the flat on the rear one would maintain its position so the bottom of the cocking piece would clear, positively.

    I now see you've incorporated them into the housing itself......kool.

    AD, you've got a lot of work to do, yet....

    But man, if you pull this thing my ole buddy Lawrence Parson would say, "You'll have the world in a jar, and the stopper in your hand"

    Your friend, BC



    Ralph Bond would be proud to know his trigger is being upgraded like this.....
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