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Thread: This is a doodle

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    This is a doodle

    This is a doodle

    CYA friends:

    I did a little doodle of what my new MD-PAS triple pistol would look like if I'd used my new V-3 action.

    That Turbo blank canvas is so nice..

    Turbo, from Flash Ebert to Anthony DiOrio, has had plenty of room to put their logo and serial number on the other side of the action.

    This leaves that nice blank canvas for creative schmidts to produce artistic, individual creations for their customers.

    I would have used my V-3 in a heartbeat, but, the spacer would have had to carry all of the front bedding weight in my factory modified stock.

    Of course I love it with the 10-X action too.

    I'm going to do my best to shoot it again today.....

    I want to try some of the late Eley Robert Oates sent me.

    I'm like a kid at Christmas.....

    I still don't fully believe this is really happening....

    Your friend, BC


    My new pistol with my V-3 action...

    That blank canvas just looks so clean and neat.....makes the whole pistol look so clean and neat.


    Of course I love it with the 10-X action too..

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