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Thread: Been refining my new MD-PAS triple pistol

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    Been refining my new MD-PAS triple pistol

    Been refining my new MD-PAS triple pistol

    CYA friends:

    Way to windy to shoot again yesterday........maybe today, hopefully.

    Anyway, I've been refining my new pistol yesterday and today.

    And I'm learning some things..

    I didn't need to use 6 set screws to hold my recoil lug to my spacer.....

    I used three sets of two each.....

    What I've discovered, is tightening the double screws, that are located so close together, is like tightening the two clamp screws of a HH/MD.

    You tighten one, then the other, then the first one loosens slightly, so you re-tighten it again, and back and forth.

    It's the same thing with my three sets of double set screws.

    I've decided I'm going to re-drill and tap one of each of the three double sets from 4x40 to 5x40.

    This way I'll only be using the three 5x40 set screws.....


    Something else....

    It's nice to have the recoil lug adjustable, but, no more than I'll have the barrel in and out, I can tighten the barrel while keeping the recoil lug aligned, like I've done all the years I've dealt with my XP's and 40X's....

    Therefore, I'm thinking about going ahead and affixing the recoil lug to the spacer permanently.


    I'm getting ready to drill and tap the third scope base hole in the front receiver ring and machine my thumb notch.

    I'm also going to convert an XP trigger to full-on Bond trigger specs...

    I've got a couple of trigger housings that I've drilled the third lever pivot pin hole, using a Bond trigger as a drill jig.

    And I've got the specs for the third lever...

    See, the converted trigger I have in my pistol now does not have the sear engagement screw in the rear housing....

    It uses the factory Remington XP method, which is not positive like the Bond method...


    I love this new pistol.......

    And I still can't believe it's a reality.

    And I still have to re-lap the bore, although I'm going to shoot it once more before I do.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    I really didn't need to use 6 set screws.

    So I'm eliminating three of them.....or, I'm going to affix the recoil lug permanently to the spacer.

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    Bond copy.......

    Bond copy.......

    CYA friends:

    I'm making my third lever from a file.

    Files are easy to anneal, and very easy to machine after being annealed...

    And very easy to re-heat treat.

    The factory XP trigger uses a tapered set screw in the trigger shoe housing to adjust the sear engagement.

    Therefore, the uniformity of the sear engagement, shot to shot, is completely dependent on how much play is in the trigger linkage.

    The Bond trigger has a sear adjustment screw in the trigger housing proper, that purchases against the L shaped trigger sear.

    A very positive method of maintaining sear engagement shot to shot.

    Actually, while I'm at it, I'm making a second Bond copy for my 40-X pistol.

    I'm dying to shoot this new pistol again.......but the weather, although warm, has been terribly windy the past few days.

    Your friend, BC

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