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Thread: I finally got to shoot my Turbo pistol again...

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    I finally got to shoot my Turbo pistol again...

    I finally got to shoot my Turbo pistol again...

    CYA friends:

    It rained hard last evening, and it was still windy, but, I had to shoot my new MD-PAS triple pistol again...

    So I went to the range, waded out through the puddles, got my shoes, socks and feet soaked, and put up a BR-50 target.

    The BR-50 target is exactly like the ARA target, for scoring, but, has 50 bulls and no dot in the middle of the bull.

    So I set up the pistol and got a box of the late, black box Eley that Robert Oates sent me, and I kicked out a card.

    CYA friends, the shooting conditions weren't a cake walk......look at the orange streamer in the woods.......

    I took a picture of the card through the scope....

    I'm going back tomorrow, or Sunday, and kick out a card on the bottom 25 bulls with my 40-X pistol and some of this Robert Oates Eley.

    CYA friends, I can count 21 for sure 100's.......a 2300

    There's four bulls that if any one of them plug, this card will be a 2350.

    They are:

    Grid 1, upper right, center and lower left...

    And grid 3, upper left.


    CYA friends:

    I'm more cited about this new Turbo pistol than anything I've done in RFBR these past 30 years.

    I'd give anything if every serious RFBR shooter, in the world, could sit down behind this thing and kick out a card.

    We're not there yet............

    But, this thing can not be allowed to fail.

    Because I have now seen the potential.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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    Looks good Mr. Calfee. Looks like success to me.

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    Friend Todd E

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Earhart View Post
    Looks good Mr. Calfee. Looks like success to me.



    Friend Todd E:

    Thank you...

    I still can't believe this is happening.......

    Some things:

    I've still not re-lapped the bore after I re-profiled this 4-groove Broughton....

    And there are some mild holidays in the bore now, that weren't there before I turned the barrel down..

    But, the majority of them are in the first five inches at the breech, where I turned the most metal off...

    The way this thing is shooting, do I forget the re-lapping?

    You know, even as good as the thing's shooting, if I don't re-lap the bore I'll always wonder if I'm getting all this barrel has to offer.

    By the way, this barrel, in my opinion, is going to be fully as killer good as the one on Merlin.


    I still have not installed the rear bedding pillar.

    The 1/4x28 button head screw is purchasing on the bottom of the stock.....

    And it does loosen up after I shoot it some.....

    But this thing shoots so good like it is, without the pillar, that I'm going to try something:

    If I can find a 1/4x28 self locking nut, I'm going to install it on the rear screw, after the screw has been inserted through the bottom of the stock, then take my time and adjust it so when I tighten the screw it jams the self locking nut against the bottom of the action, while at the same time having the button head torqued against the bottom of the stock properly.

    If I can someway keep the rear bedding screw from loosening up, the way this thing is shooting, I'll not install a pillar...

    I'll probably wind up installing a pillar, though.


    I annealed an old dull file yesterday, since I'm getting ready to machine a couple of third levers for my Bond copy triggers....

    I'll take some pictures of the process.

    Your friend, BC



    These pistols are fabulous, for a lot of reasons.

    But one of the koolest reasons is depicted perfectly by this picture:

    When you look at this picture, that's it............there ain't no more...

    Everything a shooter needs to be competitive at any RFBR match in the world, except a cleaning rod, is sitting on that bench.

    Everything in this picture can be carried in an AR-15 canvas bag and thrown behind the seat of a pick-up truck.

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