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Thread: Some perspective....

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    Some perspective....

    Some perspective....

    CYA friends:

    I've been at this for 30 years, since day one of the development of contemporary RFBR.

    I've done and seen it all.

    But I've never been as cited as I am today because of the possibility of a MD-PAS pistol for the masses.

    BC as a shooter:

    CYA friends, I never was a good shooter, still ain't.

    I've never experienced shooting an indoor match.

    And I haven't competed in eleven years now.


    What little success I had as a shooter, came about because I shot pistols.

    I probably spent more time shooting at Blue Grass, in Lexington, Kentucky than any other range.

    The BR-50/ARA matches at Blue Grass started at noon, after the IR-50 matches.

    Shooting at noon at Blue Grass is like shooting at Livonia at noon.

    It ain't no picnic........(I believe Wally and Foster will attest to that)

    But, I won five club championships at Blue Grass, in six years, and finished 2nd the sixth.

    I did not do this because I'm a good shooter, because I'm not......I never could read switching conditions.

    I won those championships because I shot a pistol that I could load fast and sling, plus, I was not afraid to catch a condition and run like heck till I got caught.

    When I was on a run I'd keep slinging until I had two misses in a row.

    When I was on a string of hundreds and then caught a fifty, I kept my same hold for the next shot.

    If the next shot was another hundred I kept on slinging....

    If that next shot was a second 50 in a row, I stopped and regrouped.


    CYA friends, here's where I'm going with this:

    Like I said, I was not a good shooter.

    And combine not being a good shooter with doing most of my shooting outdoors, in conditions, resulted in me not producing any "big" scores.

    I know for sure I shot a couple of 2300's in my career.

    And I may have shot a 2350, although I can't swear to it.

    But CYA friends, I sat down at the range today with my new Turbo triple pistol, using some of the black Eley that Robert Oates sent me, and kicked out an easy 2300 card.

    And if I catch a plug, that card might go 2350.

    And it's a "pretty" 2300....

    There's "ugly" 2300's and then there's "pretty" 2300's...........and this one is "pretty".

    I can't begin to tell you folks here at CYA how cited I am about maybe getting this pistol for the masses.

    There's still work to do.....

    Your friend, Bill Calfee


    This is a "pretty" 2300

    Man I love this thing....and I love the left port.....I wasn't sure I would....

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    Pretty 2350

    Hi Bill,

    I took a good look at that target while at the range today.
    It looks a lot better in personal, up close...... I believe it's a pretty 2350!


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    Friend Jasper

    Quote Originally Posted by JP65 View Post
    Hi Bill,

    I took a good look at that target while at the range today.
    It looks a lot better in personal, up close...... I believe it's a pretty 2350!



    Friend Jasper:

    I wanted to shoot my 40-X pistol on the bottom half of that target, so I left it up.

    But it rained last evening/night, plus, I don't have a three lever trigger made up for my 40-X pistol...

    So I bet the target is soaked after last nights rain.

    Anyway, if that card is 2350 I'm tickled......


    Jeff, I'm getting ready to make a couple third levers for my Bond copy triggers.

    When you get caught up we'll get together so you can start on the trigger for your pistol.

    Your friend, BC


    These pistols must be made available for the masses, somehow, someway.

    Jasper, I wish every serious RFBR shooter in the world could sit down behind this thing and kick out a card.

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    The most unique RFBR guns in the world

    The most unique RFBR guns in the world

    CYA friends:

    I haven't competed in eleven years, so what do I need these pistols for?

    I didn't need my 40-X pistol..........

    I didn't need my new MD-PAS pistol either....

    And I don't need to start on a third pistol, using my new V-3 action......

    These RFBR pistols aren't like RFBR rifles........

    One can thoroughly enjoy these pistols without ever competing in a registered match.

    Although, they are for competition........and at the highest level.


    One of the things I always looked forward to, back in the whirlwind of my RFBR schmidts days, was running down the the range after work and winding down kicking out a card or two with my pistols.

    I always kept one behind the seat of my old truck in a canvas AR-15 bag......

    After a long day of schmidt work, particularly if things weren't going right, or, when I finished a killer build, I'd head to the range with my pistol.

    And wind down..........

    Then throw everything back in the canvas bag, toss it behind the seat of the old truck and head to the barn.

    No hassle, no getting out and putting away my rests.


    CYA friends, there's nothing like these pistols.

    And the absolute best thing is this:

    Not only are they the most enjoyable RFBR guns to shoot, they are also capable of winning any Big National RFBR event on the face of the planet...

    And all contained in a AR-15 canvas bag pitched behind the seat of a pick-up truck.

    I've got the hankering for a V-3 pistol, too.

    Your friend, BC

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    Friend wsmallwood

    Quote Originally Posted by wsmallwood View Post


    Friend wsmallwood:

    "JASPER" is Jeff Patterson's #1 testing gun.

    He was testing a new barrel the other evening when I stopped by the range.

    He let me shoot a few rounds through that new is stout.

    A while back I also got to shoot a few rounds through a barrel he was testing for Jerry that thing was stout....

    So I've gotten to shoot JASPER twice while Jeff was testing new barrels......

    This barrel he's working on now is just like the one he built for Jerry.........stout.


    Wally, these pistols are coming.....

    Before long it'll be like the old days at Blue Grass and Borden when half the guns on the line were pistols.

    That is, if all the pieces come together.

    Your friend, BC

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