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Thread: October 2013, SAP verses MD-PAS ignition spearment

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    October 2013, SAP verses MD-PAS ignition spearment

    October 2013, SAP verses MD-PAS ignition spearment

    CYA friends:

    Per the result of the poll started 5 days ago.

    In October of 2013 I received a new RFBR build from a CYankee.

    I was sent this new build to perform a procedure on it.

    This new build consisted of a custom SAP ignition action with a Muller 4-MI barrel, that was bedded by Bill Pippin in one of his straight line stocks.

    A standard HH/MD was at the muzzle.

    The Muller barrel was fit by another RFBR schmidt.


    About the procedure I was to perform:

    I'm not going to say what the procedure was.

    During the several days I had the rifle, the CYankee and I discussed my doing of this procedure several times, and it was eventually decided that I would not perform it.

    After having possession of this new build for several days, I returned it to the CYankee, just as I received it, with no work by me having been done.


    But while I had it in my shop, just out of curiosity, I decided to shoot it.

    I did shoot it, and it shot fairly good.

    But fairly good was not good enough for the CYankee owner, which is why it was in my shop to begin with.


    After I shot this new SAP ignition build I got to thinking.

    While I've got this rifle in my shop, why not try to learn something.

    CYA friends, anyone can measure the difference in the uniformity of ignition between the various RFBR actions by running my 10 round case head penetration test.

    This test demonstrates that well blueprinted MD-PAS ignition produces the most consistent ignition of any rimfire ignition system.


    How does this consistency relate to the actual performance of the ammunition fired in a RFBR gun?


    Therefore, I decided to unscrew the Muller barrel from this new SAP action build, and see if I could install it on one of my slave MD-PAS actions, and re-test it.

    At that time the slave action I used the most was my Falcon, that I had shortened the action face back from 1.250" to 1.000" Turbo length, and converted it to MD-PAS ignition.

    So I screwed the Muller into my Falcon and head spaced it........if I remember correctly, I had to use a thin precision spacer between the barrel shoulder and action face.

    And I had to shoot it without extractors.

    So I then shot the Muller, unaltered in any fashion, on my MD-PAS slave action.


    CYA friends, there "really" is a functioning accuracy potential difference between SAP and MD-PAS ignition.

    Not only does well blueprinted MD-PAS ignition produce the highest 10 round case head penetration numbers, those high numbers are reflected in the performance of the ammunition fired in RFBR guns.

    So there is a correlation between those numbers and the level of rimfire accuracy produced by the ammunition.


    I removed the Muller, reinstalled it on the SAP ignition action, reassembled the rifle and returned it to the CYankee owner.

    With this piece of advice for the CYankee owner, which I'm sure he would confirm, if asked.

    I advised him that, if the rifle were mine, I'd put that fine Muller on a good, well blueprinted MD-PAS action, so its potential could be properly showcased.

    The CYankee took my advise, and not long afterward allowed someone else to take possession of the SAP ignition action.


    Is there really a difference in the accuracy producing potential of SAP and MD-PAS ignition.

    The answer is, yes.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee



    Some asides:

    I used less than two boxes each, for this enough to give a true test?

    The answer is, absolutely this was enough ammo.

    CYA friends, if you can't sit down with a new build and in 50 rounds have a pretty good, general idea of what you have, then you ain't got nothing.

    So yes, I used all the ammo needed.

    About the contraptions:

    The barrel, MD, ammo, and scope were the same for both contraptions.

    Both actions were custom.

    This leaves the stocks and bedding.

    The SAP ignition action was in a Pippin straight line, bedded by Pippin.

    My slave Falcon was in a composite that I bedded.

    I am not a professional bedder, like Bill Pippin.

    Therefore, if the stock/bedding was weighted for either contraption, it was weighted toward the SAP ignition action and its Pippin stock with Pippin bedding.

    Which makes the result of the spearment even more impressive.
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    A movie about my 2013 SAP verses MD-PAS action test.

    A movie about my 2013 SAP verses MD-PAS action test.

    CYA friends:

    I made a movie surrounding my 2013 SAP verses MD-PAS action test.

    It's posted at Photobucket, but, they no longer support movies...

    Jeff Patterson has a YouTube account...

    I'm going to see if Jeff would be willing to post this movie there.


    CYA friends, I've had only one goal these past 30 years since contemporary RFBR started:

    To advance rimfire accuracy.

    I don't sell RFBR actions, nor barrels, stocks, triggers and so forth....

    I'm no longer a practicing RFBR schmidt, haven't been for years now.

    But, I love seeing how good the 22 LR cartridge can be made to shoot....more than about anything...

    Your friend, BC

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    I'm working on getting the movie posted

    I'm working on getting the movie posted

    CYA friends:

    I'm working on getting the movie posted I made back in 2013 about using the same barrel on a new custom SAP ignition RFBR action and a custom MD-PAS RFBR action...

    And the accuracy difference that using the exact same barrel on both actions produced.

    This is why MD-PAS ignition actions dominate rimfire accuracy shooting...


    CYA friends, there's been a ton of custom SAP ignition RFBR guns produced since I made the movie back in 2013.

    But they ain't winning.....


    Hopefully I can get the movie posted, some way or the other...

    Your friend, BC

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