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Thread: Stopping a muzzle in 50 rounds, or less........much less

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    Stopping a muzzle in 50 rounds, or less........much less

    Stopping a muzzle in 50 rounds, or less........much less

    CYA friends:

    If one has a new build that is capable of having the muzzle stopped, 50 rounds of ammo is all that's needed in setting the MD.

    Or maybe we don't even need 50 rounds.

    How about stopping the muzzle with zero rounds?

    Oh yes, it can most certainly be done.


    Right before the PSL at Rocky River last year, I decided to get a spearment together to send for someone to fool with.

    So I rushed and got a 4 groove Muller modified MI taper lapped, chambered and fit to my slave MD-PAS triple lug action...

    By the way, this is the same action that I'm using for my new MD-PAS pistol.

    Anyway, I did not have time to test this new barrel.

    I did shoot it in my bucket two or three times to check function and proof it.

    And something else I did:

    To make sure whomever might fool with this spearment at the barn could sight in their scope, I set the rifle up outside my shop door and bore sighted it using the orange triangle driveway marker across the highway, which is exactly 50 yards.

    Wally has seen me do this a couple times when he was at my shop....

    I've used this marker for years to bore sight, and still do to this day.

    The property owner got a big kick out of it when I told him about it some years ago....

    He chuckled and said something about him having a hand in the target guns I make, and I said, "Of course you do".

    Anyway, I used one of my old Lyman AA's since they don't have a lot of adjustment, and the barrel bore sighted in just fine.


    Now, since I didn't shoot this spearment before I sent it to the barn, how did I set the MD?

    I set the HH/MD, one of my slave MD's, exactly mid way between the possible extremes for 9x24 barrels, that are capable of having their muzzles stopped.


    So Jeff Patterson carried the spearment to the barn and Robert Oates wound up fooling with it some.

    Robert mounted one of his scopes and sighted it in.

    So he decided to shoot the PSL with the spearment.

    By the way, Robert told me he didn't have any "killer" ammo.

    But, on one target a shooter handed him a part box of Lapua, and Robert tried it.......29 rounds.

    And he tried it on one of his record PSL targets.


    CYA friends, Robert did not move the MD while he was fooling with this spearment.......and if he did, he moved it back to where I had it set.

    Robert sat down and fired four sighter/foulers, then ran the card in about seven minutes.......using all 29 rounds.

    He let one round get away from him.

    Please look closely at this PSL card.

    Look how unbelievably flat this thing is............the muzzle is most certainly stopped......

    Yes, Robert let one get away from him, which is easy to do when you shoot the card in less than seven minutes.

    By the way, I asked Robert if maybe he had a bad bullet, and he said no, he just pulled the trigger before he was on the bull...

    Here I'm pointing out the four sighter/foulers, and look how flat they are.

    Here's a picture of the separment when I finally got a chance to shoot it.


    CYA friends, if one has a new build that is capable of having the muzzle stopped, 50 rounds is way more than are needed.

    I stopped the muzzle on this spearment with zero rounds...

    As a matter of fact, the MD has never been moved, even today it's set exactly the same.

    And by the way, using zero rounds to stop the muzzle of this spearment was not some fluke.

    Over the years I got to the point that I'd set the MD on a new build, in the shop, and a lot of the times it was never moved again.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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    Some speculation

    Some speculation

    Sub title:

    What if?

    CYA friends:

    When I sent my spearment to the barn last year it had not been fired, save for a couple of rounds in my bucket.

    No break-in........Mother Nature had not had a chance to finish my work.

    When a barrel starts out like this one did, once Mother Nature finishes her work they become double bad killers.

    (By the way, I had Jeff Paterson screw this barrel into JASPER, his slave contraption, and independently test it, and Jeff confirmed it to be double bad.)

    Anyway, some speculation:

    What if Robert Oates would have had a brick of the ammo he kicked out this amazing card with?

    So he could have fired the whole PAS match with it.

    He might have finished dead last.....

    And then again................

    Your friend, BC


    Yes, the muzzle is stopped on the contraption that produced this amazing PSL card.....

    There's only 29 holes in this card.

    CYA friends, look at those four sighters........

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