We know it by how it affects the world we live in.

CYA friends:

I can't see the wind, but, I know it exists when I see a flag waving on a flag pole.

I can't see magnetism, but, when I turn on my old South Bend lathe to chamber a barrel, I see the lathe chuck turning, due to magnetism.

I can't see air or magnetism, but, I know they exist because of how they affect the world we live in.

OK, where am I headed with this?

I can't see a gun barrel vibrating when fired, but, I know what the vibrations look like because of the way they're affected by a properly sized and positioned muzzle device.

CYA friends, this is why I've taken the time to describe, in detail, my little spearment with the 3/32" rod.

This little spearment will allow anyone who is seriously interested in how a barrel vibrates when fired, and what a muzzle device is used for, and how it works, to visually see the vibration pattern.

Your friend, Bill Calfee



CYA friends, it's hard for me to believe that after almost 30 years now, there's so much misunderstanding about muzzle devices, and barrel vibrations.

And these misunderstandings have led to some of the most ridiculous tuning theories imaginable.