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Thread: A riddle......

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    A riddle......

    A riddle......

    CYA friends:

    CYA is strictly about advancing rimfire accuracy.

    And knowing that, I have a riddle:

    What happens when a Muller corrugated 8, is fit to a non-blueprinted DiOrio three lug action?

    Here's the answer:

    I can't wait till this DiOrio V-3 is properly blueprinted........because as is, this Muller corrugated 8 is "triple' killer fit to it.


    CYA friends, the next world class RFBR schmidt of record, is going to be Jeff Patterson.

    Jeff tested this Muller corrugated 8 first on Jasper, his slave action.

    Jasper is a highly blueprinted 10-X triple.

    Jeff then removed the corrugated 8, and installed it on this new DiOrio V-3, which is unmodified from the factory.

    Jeff told me the accuracy was the same......


    CYA friends, whoever the owner of this new DiOrio V-3/ Muller corrugated 8 build is, is going to be tickled pink......

    And the owner will be capable of winning any RFBR competition on Earth, with it.

    And the V-3 action hasn't even been blueprinted, yet.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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    Never brag on a rimfire.....they'll let you down every time you do....

    Never brag on a rimfire.....they'll let you down every time you do....

    CYA friends:

    I know better than to do this, but, I'm going to anyway.

    Jeff Patterson came out today to let me look at his work on the V-3/Muller corrugated 8.

    CYA friends, this takes some nerve cause Jeff knows full well I'll tell him exactly as I see it.......good, or, not so good.

    Anyway, he put an absolutely perfectly centered chamber in this corrugated.........perfect crown and perfect engraving length....

    Jeff cuts his chambers like I started doing before I stopped being a RFBR schmidt to the public.

    After he cuts the barrel to length, then centers the ends with his targets, and 60 degree centers, he then cuts the chamber...

    He cuts it deep, then comes back to the leade length he wants with this threading, shoulder and breech face adjustments/head spacing.

    Jeff also post chamber lapped this fine Muller corrugated.

    Simply a professional fitting job.....if I worked for a month I couldn't improve on it.



    I know better, and I for sure ain't going to mention who's new build this is.

    Cause the first time he/she took it to a match the pressure would be unbearable......


    Jeff machined a 1.000" tenon length in the 10-X triple on Jasper, one of his slave test rifles.

    This way he can test just about any TCA by head spacing with a precision shim between the barrel shoulder and action face of Jasper.

    So Jeff tested this corrugated in Jasper first......and it simply killed it.

    Then he screwed the corrugated into the un-blueprinted V-3.....

    Again I know better, but, this is so impressive that I've got to show the first rounds out of the corrugated when fit to the un-blueprinted V-3.

    Jewel trigger, by the way.

    These are 3 shot groups...

    1 and 2 are the same lot......

    3-7-8 and 4 are another lot....

    5 and 6 are a third lot.

    I've listed the groups in the order he fired them.

    CYA friends, 3-7-8 and 4 are impressive..........and by the way, none of this is Jeff's good ammo....just some odds and ends test lots.

    I cropped off just these groups, cause there's no way I'll show the PSL card Jeff kicked out.....

    If the world found out who's new build this is, the pressure at the first match would be simply unbearable....


    One reason the Muller corrugated 8, in my opinion, is the barrel of record today in the advancement of rimfire accuracy, is because it can be properly taper lapped without washing out the breech......

    I have yet to see the breech end washed on a corrugated 8.....

    But I've seen a bunch of 4-MI's and ratchets with terribly washed out breech ends.....

    Your friend, Bill Calfee

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    A little off topic for a minute

    A little off topic for a minute

    CYA friends, and especially the compensation theory experts:

    That middle lot of Eley black, that shot groups 3,7,8 and 4 is stout......and obviously Jeff has the muzzle of that fine corrugated stopped.

    But looking at this test target, a question just begs to be asked of our compensation theory experts:

    If the ridiculous, compensation theory nonsense were how a muzzle device, tuner, actually works, how come it didn't compensate for all the vertical in the third lot of Eley black, that shot groups 5 and 6?

    Your friend, BC



    There's no such thing as compensation, that's why there's all that vertical in that terrible lot of Eley black, that shot groups 5 and 6.

    CYA friends, if you look closely at that middle lot of Eley black, that shot groups 3,7,8 and 4, you'll see there's probably 2/3rds of a bullet of vertical in those 12 rounds.

    This roughly .150" of vertical, at 50 yards, that's caused by the velocity variation in our best ammo being shot in a Class A RFBR gun, is present in these groups.

    In other words, the muzzle of this fine corrugated is stopped.

    There's absolutely nothing anyone on Earth can do about this .150" of vertical at 50 yards.....

    If the goofy compensation nonsense were true, this .150" could be eliminated.

    There's about .150" of vertical in those 12 rounds of groups 3,7,8, and 4.

    This is about as good as it gets with the finest ammo shot in a full-on, Class A RFBR gun.

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