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Thread: The world of SAP rimfire ignition in 2019'

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    The world of SAP rimfire ignition in 2019'

    The world of SAP rimfire ignition in 2019'

    CYA friends:

    Today in 2019, if a RFBR shooter wants to start a new build with a SAP ignitioned RFBR action, the Suhl will be the action of choice.

    This is the regrettable state of custom, SAP RFBR actions today in 2019', when the Suhl is the action of choice.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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    Old days East Germany gunsmiths produced high quality equipments.

    Also old Diana actions from there gives very good accuracy.And loading ramps are one of the best I have seen.

    My friends have 2 of them.Other shoots 50 m prone and other 100 m RFBR.

    2 weeks ago this prone friend tested Lapua ammo lots shooting 30 shots groups to 50 m from linear bench on outside range.

    Best lot gives 0,512 " group 30 shots measured outside to outside.Without wind flags it was amazing to me.

    I think this accuracy is enough also to any RFBR shooter where ever to meters.

    Broughton barrel.

    BR, Timo

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    I think those Diana actions barrels where with solder when they came out of factory and our gunsmiths and machinists has cut the threads.

    Try to put picture of old barrel of Diana action.Not "now a days" style,but gives very good accuracy.Very long action and very long threads.(Near 2 inches).

    BR, Timo

    Pitkä kierre 2.jpg

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