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Thread: B&A trigger issues.....the verdict:

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    B&A trigger issues.....the verdict:

    B&A trigger issues.....the verdict:

    CYA friends:

    I've had three issues, that I've personally witnessed, with B&A triggers.

    One trigger was simply gummed up, and a couple minutes in lacquer thinner, then compressed air, made it work normal. I did not tear it down.

    Two others had an issue where part D would not quickly over ride part E, resulting in delayed firing pin fall, or an audible "click".


    Jeff Patterson and I did nothing to these triggers in the way of cleaning, etc.

    Both resumed normal function when we put them back together, after tearing them down for inspection.

    What Jeff and I would recommend, if you use the B&A, is this:

    Try to keep cleaning solvent out of it, just like any other trigger.

    And when you de-cock it, if it does not de-cock without the firing pin immediately letting down, or if you hear an audible "click", I would simply take it apart, then reassemble it.

    Or, simply keep shooting it, since the gun will continue to fire. ( How this would affect ignition, we do not know)

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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    Advice from a CYankee schmidt

    Advice from a CYankee schmidt

    CYA friends:

    I had a call today from one of the CYankee RFBR schmidts concerning B&A triggers.

    He's had the same issues that Jeff and I had, even on new triggers....

    By the way, the trigger I used to take this picture, was out-of-the-box new.

    Anyway, I'll try to explain without placing another arrow to the part in question in this doodle.

    Notice just above the E, the boss that strands higher than the E sear itself, that the pivot pin passes through.

    The CYankee schmidt said he's found, that, if he removes about .003" from the top of this boss on part E, this corrects the problem of part E not rotating clockwise enough for part D to over ride it.

    He said he discovered this when he loosened the side plate screws slightly, then tightened the side plate pusher screws a little, relieving pressure on the boss, that the trigger worked normal....

    This is when he decided to relieve the boss about .003", to give it slightly more side plate clearance.

    Your friend, BC

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