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Thread: Congratulations Mike "Big Dog" Sherrill

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    Congratulations Mike "Big Dog" Sherrill

    Congratulations Mike "Big Dog" Sherrill

    Friend Big Dog:

    I've congratulated a ton of CYankees over the years on their shooting accomplishments.

    But none, and I mean none, have mixed emotions like this very special one.

    Big Dog, congratulations on your 2019, Mary Sherrill Memorial Tournament Championship, at Marion County.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee

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    Mike had one goal Sunday, and it was evident after the first couple of cards. He was determined to win this tournament! So determined, he nearly took home all the trophys. But he was kind enough to give every participant a lasting piece of memorabilia, thank you Mike. I know Marry is smiling down upon you whenever your enjoying life family and friends.

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    Mike was destined and

    and on a mission. I’ve been to a lot of shooting matches and never have I enjoyed one as much as this. Also Thanks to Ed Ledbetter and Rodonna Doan for hosting the match!
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    Not a dry eye in the place....

    Not a dry eye in the place....

    CYA friends:

    I doubt there was a dry eye in the place after Big Dog won.


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    A very special win...

    I would like to thank Ed & Radonna for hosting the "Mary Sherrill Memorial Tournament". It was very nice of them to honor her memory in this fashion. She was very fond of both of them.

    I would also like to thank Bill, Cliff, & Jerry for their kind words. They are very dear friends that both Mary & I were proud to call friends. We have been fortunate to make many life long friends in our benchrest game. These friends are the best people this world has to offer. We both treasured all of these friends accordingly.

    I don't know how I was lucky enough to convince my precious Mary to spend 45 years of her life with me but it had to be my biggest win ever. We had a wonderful life together that I will always hold in my heart. She was a very special lady. She was loved by all and never had a bad word to say about anyone. Everyone always knew what she felt for them, her hugs were for real and happened with great frequency.

    This tournament was in my thoughts every since Ed & Radonna told me about it at my friend Butch's celebration of life gathering. It was the win I coveted above all other matches that I have attended since that time. This is my favorite win of all others I have been lucky enough to have (a very close second would be when I won the "Butch Lynn Memorial" earlier this year as well). Both were very special wins. It was a tough day that I hoped my emotions would not prevent me from preforming at the top of my game. I think Mary was there with me helping keep me calm and focused. She also may have helped in giving us very good conditions (actually my perfect conditions, overcast, slight winds, small direction & velocity changes). Mary always knew the conditions that I prefer.

    I miss her every day and will for ever.
    Michael "Big Dog" Sherrill
    "Everyday is like shooting into a funnel, you just don't know which way it is facing until you begin."

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    Great shooting Mike..
    Mary is missed..

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