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Thread: The early days

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    The early days


    I'm going to post a pic of an advert you may remember.

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    Friend TKH

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony K Harper View Post

    I'm going to post a pic of an advert you may remember.

    Name:  eley (2).jpg
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    Friend TKH:

    That brings back fond old memories.

    I used that picture of me and my pistol for the cover of my book.

    Your friend, BC

    Gene Corvin, upper right, looks like a kid....


    Mike Mullins' ARA 2500 World Record is the right....I still have that target.

    TDX, when Eley finally put a good, deep front shoulder on their bullet, so as to carry wax, and lengthened the driving bands, they sent me several test lots.

    Mike Mullins met me early at the range the day after I got them.

    These were the bullets Eley named "semi-auto" ........their ego simply would not allow them to get away from the fact that their engineers goofed up with the EPS design.....which had no front shoulder, and short driving bands, hence didn't carry wax properly...

    By the way, Eley simply removed the round nose of the semi-auto bullet, then installed the flat nose with teat, and these are the bullets we still use today from Eley.

    So that's how the current Eley bullet came into existence.

    Anyway, Mike Mullins did the testing of these new bullets, that morning.

    He tested them in his Turbo, which he had converted to 6:00 ignition by the way, and the tiny, .825" diameter Lilja barrel.

    So the ARA 2500 World Record was set with 6:00 ignition, years before 6:00 ignition became standard on RFBR actions.

    And with that tiny .825" diameter Lilja......( TDX, we don't need these .900's)

    Mike fired 10 ARA bulls with each lot......I handed him a lot and recorded which one it was.

    When we were finished one lot scored 10x10 ARA bulls...

    I believe a couple lots scored 9x10...

    So Mike got a few bricks of that 10x10 lot......

    And Eley sent me a case of that lot, for helping them.....I still have a little of it.

    Mike then used that lot to set the current ARA 2500 World Record.

    Fond memories, for sure........
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