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Thread: My First Sporter

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    My First Sporter


    I finished the Sporter I've been working on earlier today and was able to get it tested tonight. I ran our standard 20 shot group test program to get an idea of how it performs. I used 4 of my control lots of Eley Tenex to conduct the test. Our control lots are not what I consider the absolute best shooting lots, they are lots that provide similar results rifle to rifle and help us determine if we've built a sound rifle. I shoot the rilfes fully assembled out of a one piece rest at a distance of 50M. I want to thank you for your guidance with the barrel evaluation and back boring process, I learned a lot and had fun too. Here is a picture of the finished rifle and the test results, thanks again for your guidance.

    Best Regards, Anthony

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    Fourth Group Test

    The forum would only allow me to attach 4 pictures so here is the fourth group.

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    Friend Anthony DiOrio

    Friend Anthony DiOrio

    Friend AD:

    Congratulations on your first sporta build...

    And the thing is shooting......good looking targets.....and at meters.


    AD, I don't know the status of the Shilen 2nd Gen sporta barrels today.

    If Shilen still produces them, and if the bore quality, lapping, is of the same quality as the one you just fit to your first sporta, the ratchet version would still be a tough act to follow.

    The Shilen, Calfee 2nd Gen sporta barrel, in ratchet rifling, is probably the greatest sporta barrel configuration ever produce by the hand of man.


    Can they still be had of the same quality as the one you just fit?


    I have a dream, or maybe I should say, a vision:

    In my opinion, the greatest rifling pattern being produced today is the Muller corrugated 8.

    And one of the main reasons is the ease of taper lapping them properly, without washing out the breech end of the blank.

    Now here's my vision, dream:

    I saw myself boxing up the original prototype sample of the 2nd Gen, that Shilen furnished me for inspection.

    I saw myself addressing a mailing label to Paul Tolvstad, then carrying it to the Post Office and mailing it.

    Cause I dreamed Dan Muller was going to produce the 2nd Gen profile, using his corrugated 8 rifling pattern, and needed the correct specs.

    Then I woke up in a cold sweat cause I was so cited.

    So I got up to pee-pee.

    It's interesting what a feller dreams about..........particularly when he's eat up with shooting accurate 22 rifles.

    Your friend, BC

    It wouldn't take long to knock the rust off this thing.......and addressing a mailing label don't take but a minute.....

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    Friend 404tbang

    Quote Originally Posted by 404tbang View Post
    Howdy Bill,
    I always quote your posts. I am not doing so this time out of respect for the fact you said you are going to delete that post in awhile and it would do no good to delete yours and leave mine with your post still in it.

    I don't know if you are willing to say what barrel that is, but where this is on a thread talking about sporters..........if you don't mind my that a sporter barrel? And if you don't want to say anything, that's fine, I understand.

    And nope, bad ain't the word for it.

    Take care,



    Friend 404tbang:

    I just read Timo's last post wherein he mentioned what my new name should be: "Gun Fool"........that's me alright.

    Picture this:

    Here's me, a crippled, 75 year old man out in 95 degree heat, driving a 20 year old F-150 , at the range testing my latest project.

    I walked a new ARA target out, 95 degrees, sweat running off the end of my nose, and put it on the backer at 50 yards.

    I then came back to the bench, hauled out my two piece rest, the rifle and so forth......( man I love shooting pistols)

    Right now I've got a million things swirling through my 15 year old brain.

    I lengthened the leade length on this project barrel....because of the contortions I had to go through to fit it to a different action from the original action, which I had cut extractor slots, to fit.

    I had the leade length exactly where I wanted it when fit to the first action, and it was quite forgiving as to what ammo it liked...

    So here's what I've discovered:

    If I use a lot of ammo that replicates the engraving length, on the bullet, to the same length as I originally had the leade cut to, this thing kills it.

    So, I went through a bunch of the bricks of different lots that Robert Oates sent me last year, and found three lots that replicate, exactly, my original leade length, on the bullet itself.

    I only shot one of those lots......the one that produced those two amazing groups.....

    It was simply way to hot to keep fooling with it, and anyway I feel I found out what I needed to know from that first lot.

    So I called the owner of this project and told him/her what I had just done, by cell phone from the range.

    I advised the owner I was going to take a couple pictures, through the scope.....and I'd post them here on CYA.

    ( I wasn't about to walk back down to the target in that 95 degree heat, again)

    I said to give me an hour and a half to take the pictures, get packed up, get back home, up-load the pictures, if they took OK, then post them.

    I said I'd post them and leave them up till midnight.

    The owner asked where to look for them on CYA.

    The only thread title I could quickly remember was Anthony's, "My first sporta", thread.

    So I advised the owner to look there.

    Gun Fool, that's got to be my new name.

    Your friend, BC



    I know this is hashing up old waters, but, it would be so nice if Eley and Lapua would list the working length of their ammo, on the box.

    Last edited by Bill Calfee; 09-12-2019 at 12:59 PM.

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    Information only

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    Thats a great card. My sporter is my favorite rifle to shoot.

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    Friend Todd E

    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Earhart View Post
    Thats a great card. My sporter is my favorite rifle to shoot.


    Friend Todd E:

    I was going over some old pictures and ran across this one taken back in 2010...

    I posted this picture because the barrel is a 4-C Broughton.

    It's not a sporta, it's a straight .900"......

    Todd, if Ed Shilen had not fallen in love with rimfire shooting back around 2006-07, or so, today the barrel of record would be the 4-C Broughton.

    What we need today is a dedicated barrel lapper.

    Someone who does nothing but properly taper lap button rifled rimfire barrels.

    Someone versed in the art of lap bumping, and understands how a taper lapped rimfire barrel should be properly lapped.

    And is willing to make sure that every barrel he/she laps meets the proper criteria.

    So, where are we going to find a young, hard working, dedicated individual willing to become a professional taper lapping specialists?

    I'm serious, someone needs to specialize in taper lapping, properly........nothing else, just that.

    Your friend, BC

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    Friend Todd E

    Friend Todd E

    Friend Todd E:

    I knew I had this picture, someplace.....I just found it..

    This was taken on June 3, 2010.....

    This is a Broughton 4-C, Calfee sporta profile barrel fit to a ULA action...

    The ULA is a pretty good little action, in that it has a custom quality barrel thread/action face.......

    In other words, it's not heat treated after machining, like a 40-X for example.....or an XP-100....etc.

    So it isn't warped....

    But darn it, the locking lugs are cased, which makes getting a good closing cam and 100% locking lug contact quite a hassle.....

    The action has no closing cam, simply because, the factory fit barrels do not have engraved chambers......

    But since I do use engraved chambers, needing closing cam, some has to be placed in the action.......which is a hassle cause the lugs are cased...

    But, the action face and barrel thread are custom quality......

    And of course it's SAP ignitioned.

    Just imagine this fine 4-C on a Turbo, the thought boggles the mind....

    Your friend, BC

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    Things have came a long way since we bought the ULA we have. It was our first custom rifle. It still goes with us every where as a back up and I wouldnt be afraid to pull it if I needed. Ive always heard they made good sporters.

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