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Thread: Friend Timo, from one "gun fool" to another...

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    Friend Timo, from one "gun fool" to another...

    Friend Timo, from one "gun fool" to another...

    Friend Timo:

    This old gun fool mounted the 45 comp on my 40-X pistol and went to the range last evening.

    I took the ammo I'd re-waxed with the wax that you sent, plus a regular box.

    I dipped a bullet in the wax, then took my thumb and first finger and rubbed it smoothly around the bullet, all the way back to, and including, the case mouth.

    If you note, for some reason a lot of Eley ammo has the crimp ring run dry, no wax.....why?.......I don't know.

    Then I removed as much wax as I could from the tip of the bullet.

    In short, I tried to put a good film of wax from the front driving band back all the way past the mouth of the case.


    Here's the target:

    I sighted the 45 comp in on the three bulls at the bottom of the target.

    I then fired the regular Eley first.........( I fired some foulers to the right side of the backer).

    There is no such thing as shooting return to battery with a I simply fired five foulers as quickly as possible at the right.

    Then I fired three, 5-shot groups.

    I then did the same thing with the re-waxed bullets, after I'd cleaned and dried the bore.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee
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