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Thread: Reviewing a book reviewer

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    Reviewing a book reviewer

    Reviewing a book reviewer

    CYA friends:

    On the "Gun Fool" forum I posted a review of my book, "The Art of Rimfire Accuracy".

    I posted the review without comment from me....

    This is why I'm posting some comments here, as I want to leave that thread to chart its own course, without comment from me.


    CYA friends, I actually enjoy the negative reviews of my book as much, or more, than the positive reviews.

    This reviewer isn't the first who disagreed with my writings, nor will he be the last.

    Again, I posted this reviewer's review here at CYA, without comment from me.

    This reviewer requested conformation from AuthorHouse that his review reached me.

    I advised AuthorHouse that this reviewer's review would be posted here at CYA, and to forward that information to him.


    Having said the above:

    There's a part of me that would love to dissect this reviewer's review of my book.

    Not so much for the technical content, that would just turn into an argument..........that old saying "He convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still" definitely applies to internet "discussions".

    No, I would love to dissect the "style" of this reviewer's review.

    I won't say more, now.

    Your friend, Bill Calfee

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    To review, or not to review?

    To review, or not to review?

    CYA friends/gun fools:

    During my days of writing for Precision Shooting Magazine, I received several hundred letters from folks about it.

    Most were of a positive nature......

    And there were a bunch of heart warming letters from folks who enjoyed the stories of my youth, when I spent so much time exploring the Ohio River with my little 146B Mossburg, because those stories reminded them of their first 22 rifle when they were a kid.

    And then there were a few letters from folks who advised me I was completely clueless about anything to do with firearms, or writing.

    They were correct about the writing part, and somewhat correct about the firearms part, too.


    Now, how do I put this?

    When AuthorHouse, publisher of my book, contacted me about a review of my book, I didn't have to respond.

    Privacy laws prevent them from giving out my contact information.

    So why did I respond, and why did I decide to post the review here at CYA?


    First of all, the reviewer could have posted his review at the book vendor where he purchased the book, like everyone else does.


    He chose to go directly to the book publisher....

    CYA friends, before I say anything else I'm going to ponder awhile.

    I don't know the book reviewer, and I most certainly wish to be completely fair to him.

    That's why I've not commented about the contents of his review.

    Your friend, BC

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    Why does one volunteer to take the time to write and post a book review?

    Why does one volunteer to take the time to write and post a book review?

    CYA friends/gun fools:

    Why does one volunteer to take the time to write and post a book review?

    I read every day of my life, and have read some brilliant works, but, I don't believe I've ever taken time to review a book, and post the review.

    So why does one volunteer to take the time to write and post a book review?

    They do it because the book strikes a nerve.

    The nerve being struck may be one of overjoy, that the book has brought them.

    Overjoy to the point that they simply want to return that joy by saying thank you to whomever took time to write and publish the book.

    Or, the nerve being struck strikes so deep against the reader's personal philosophy, of whatever subject the book is about, that they are compelled to respond.

    An eye for an eye.


    CYA friends/gun fools:

    This is a fascinating subject, about which I have more to say......

    But today I'm getting ready to lap a complete my spearment with the old, oversized, 4-groove Broughton that I started a while back....

    Your gun fool friend, BC



    Let me tell you what I've decided:

    Remember, to get the original extractor slots to line up in my triple lug action, I had to use a .005" thick spacer between the barrel shoulder and action face......

    This made the head space .048".........

    And even with .048" HS I kicked out those two back-to-back 2300's..........

    I just could not make myself turn the barrel in so the original slots lined up, then deepen the chamber and refinish it...

    The chamber is perfect now, and the most difficult thing to do to a rimfire barrel, is to deepen a perfect, finished chamber, and keep it as perfect.......(maybe others can do it, I can't)


    I decided to machine a shielded cone breech.......

    This allowed me to remove the spacer, which moved the HS back to .043"....

    So my next operation is to cast a lap and refresh the divot at the breech end of the bore.......

    The grooves are .2225" at the muzzle I have to stay away from there as much as possible...

    I'm cited......bc

    By the way, the extractors work even extracted a live round, which is difficult for a cone breech...

    The firing pin strike is on the good meat of the cone......

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