Friend PedroS

Here's a question you posted on another forum here at CYA:

Dear BC,

Can you please elaborate on this?
"And then, if I removed too much weight during testing, I could correct it without deepening the counter bore and re-crowning..."


Friend PedroS:

That information is proprietary........I'm sorry.......

I'm no longer a RFBR schmidt, but, Jeff Patterson is, and he'll be doing double lobe sportas one day.


CYA is about advancing rimfire accuracy......


My philosophy about learning, is that one retains knowledge better if one has to dig for it....

Therefore friend PedroS................

I will do something for you, and others, who may have the same question, OK.

Here's a close-up of the double lobe muzzle device on TD Junior.

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Please keep this rule in mind:

To stop the muzzle of a gun barrel, requires the correct amount of weight, placed at the correct location in "front" of the crown, to apply the proper amount of "down force", to cause the exact center of the parallel node to be moved to the exit of the crown.

The correct weight, and distance in front of the crown, are determined by the "stiffness" of the barrel.

If you notice, I've machined a "waist" in the weight head of the MD...

This leaves a mass of weight at the extreme front of the MD.

Also, you'll notice there's a mass of weight at the rear of the MD.

Friend PedroS, and anyone else interested in how my double weight head allows me to add "down force" to the MD, without having to deepen the crown.

Simply apply the principal of levers and fulcrums to this question, as you ponder it.

At some point you'll say to yourself, "OK, I see what he's doing here."

Without me having to divulge proprietary information.

Your friend, Bill Calfee