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Thread: Congratulations Jason Thornhill

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    Congratulations Jason Thornhill

    Congratulations Jason Thornhill

    Friend Jason Thornhill:

    Congratulations on your ARA club tournament win at Kettlefoot, today.

    Simply outstanding shooting.

    Your friend, Bill gun fool Calfee


    An aside:

    CYA friends:

    It looks like there were three 2500's fired at the club tournament at Kettlefoot today.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, please, OK.

    All three were fired with MD-PAS ignition guns.

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    I've got to give a call to Robert Oates....

    Robert, how in the world were you at J-PAT'S house yesterday, in Indiana, then get to Kettlefoot and finish in the top 10 today, 8th, at the ARA club tournament at Kettlefoot, Virginia?
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    I have a question....

    I have a question....

    CYA friends:

    The final stage of the 2020 triple crown is tomorrow....

    But first, I have a question:

    There's been only four 2500 targets fired during the entire week of the 2020 triple crown.

    All by MD-PAS ignition guns.

    None by SAP ignition.....


    The question:

    I believe Jerry Smith and Mike Lowe used Lapua to produce their 2500's......

    Does anyone know what ammo James Garrett used to produce his 2500?

    Thank you in advance....

    Your friend, Bill gun fool Calfee

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