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    General Lee

    General Lee

    CYA friends:

    General Lee.....

    These pictures are from August of 2008....

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    This means I built General Lee before I built Paladin.

    I built Paladin in October of 2008.....


    Let's talk about General Lee and the Falcon SAP ignition system.....

    Caution, before I begin:

    If you're a devotee of SAP ignition, and you think what I'm going to say may offend you....

    Please do not read further....OK.

    I'll pause for a spell......

    I want our SAP ignition friends to ponder about reading further.

    Your friend, Bill gun fool Calfee

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    Discussing the Falcon

    Discussing the Falcon

    CYA friends:

    I spent time yesterday with J-Pat discussing the Falcon SAP ignition system.

    It would be hard to discuss the Falcon SAP ignition system without it drawing comparisons to the other SAP systems.

    This is why I cautioned SAP ignition devotees, that if there's a chance some might take offense, to not read further.

    As a RFBR schmidt I stopped doing SAP ignition builds years ago.

    And now I'm no longer a practicing schmidt.

    So I got to pondering while lying in bed last night....

    Should I continue this discussion of the Falcon?

    See, of all the SAP ignition systems, the Falcon has some unique qualities that when properly blueprinted, and maintained, is capable of the most consistent ignition of any SAP system.

    And the "maintaining" part of the Falcon ignition is something probably most Falcon owners may not fully understand the importance of.

    Or how to do it correctly...

    J-Pat and I discussed this aspect in great detail yesterday.......the maintenance of the Falcon ignition...

    Anyway, I'll ponder some more as whether to continue discussing the Falcon....

    Your friend, Bill gun fool Calfee



    This picture, taken in 2008, shows the original Falcon locking lugs, which are case hardened, and almost impossible to blueprint properly....

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    A couple years later, after Leonard Baity produced his good 4140 lugs, I installed them in General Lee...

    And at the the same time I installed a most excellent ratchet, which I believe is still on the General...

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    Looks like I"m going to see an old friend...

    Looks like I"m going to see an old friend...

    CYA friends:

    I've been working with J-Pat on the philosophy behind the Falcon SAP ignition system, by phone.

    J-Pat has General Lee at his shop.

    He's recorded all his findings, such as a complete evaluation of the ignition and the barrel.

    He wants me to double check his work.

    Which I agreed to do, gladly, because I'll get to see an old friend again.

    Your friend, Bill gun fool Calfee



    J-Pat has described to me, in detail, all of his findings....

    I'll bet a dollar bill I won't see anything different.....

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