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Thread: Talked with Rob Propst today

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    Talked with Rob Propst today

    Talked with Rob Propst today

    CYA friends:

    I talked with Rob Propst today, by phone...

    Rob has been away from RFBR for the past dozen years, or so.

    And now he's got the hankering to get back into RFBR again.......

    Rob owns my old #9 pistol......( no he won't part with it)

    If you have my book, I speak of Rob in it......

    Rob used to pull SK bullets, keeping them pristine, then sold them to folks to slug their barrel with, so they wouldn't have to pull bullets themselves.....

    And he had quite a demand for them.......( he'd have it today, cause he could pull them and keep them so pristine)

    Anyway, he's wanting to get back in...................

    A story:

    Back when the ARA world record was 2400, at a match at Simpson County, Kentucky Rob kicked out back to back 2450's.

    On that same day Robert Grandfield at a match, I think, in Missouri, also kicked out a 2450.

    Macky Locklin, the head of ARA, ruled that Robert had kicked out his 2450 earlier in the day, so was awarded the official 2450 ARA record.

    But Rob had kicked out back to back 2450' that's life.

    Oh by the way, Rob kicked out those back to back 2450's, 17 years ago, with an E-Turbo, and Lilja barrel.

    He's still owns that rifle......

    Rob, welcome back.......

    Your friend, Bill gun fool Calfee



    CYA friends, I want to add something...

    How many RFBR shooters today, would love to kick out outdoor, back to back ARA 2450's?

    About 99% of them...

    Yet Rob did this 17 years ago.....

    CYA friends, it was a MD-PAS ignition world 17 years ago, and it's still a MD-PAS ignition world today.

    And it will be a MD-PAS ignition world tomorrow...
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