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Thread: The stopped muzzle

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    The stopped muzzle

    The stopped muzzle

    CYA gun fool friends:

    Almost 30 years ago I discovered that when a MD is properly weighted, and at the proper location past the exit of the crown, the muzzle of the barrel is stopped.......not slowed down, but stopped...

    And thereafter the MD is never moved again....

    Why do I bring this up, again?

    Because I feel sorry for all the new shooters who seek information about muzzle devices, "tuners", on the Internet, and have to wade through all the abject nonsense about what a MD is used for.

    Especially the nonsense about adjusting a MD during a match because of conditions.

    I'm thinking out loud, here:

    When Todd "Merlin" Wooten crucified the PSL at this past St Louis Big National Event by winning it all, the PSL and the Main Event, I wonder how many times he adjusted the MD on Merlin during a target......

    I bet he didn't adjust the MD on Merlin a single time while he was kicking out those beautiful PSL targets.

    And what about Jason Thornhill, who won the ARA NATIONAL.......

    I'll bet Jason didn't adjust his MD a single time, while shooting any of his eight targets.......

    And then what about "the kid riding that big hoss", who kicked out the only 2500 out of 800 targets fired at the 2020 ARA National....

    I guarantee that kid riding that big hoss didn't adjust his MD a single time during that 2500 card..........

    CYA gun fool friend:

    I feel sorry for all the newbies who turn to the Internet for advise about muzzle devices, and have to wade through all the abject nonsense.....

    Especially the nonsense about adjusting a MD during a target, because of conditions.....

    A muzzle device is used to stop of the muzzle of a newly installed barrel, or a new build, one time...

    After the muzzle is stopped the MD is never moved again......never.....

    Your pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee



    If the world don't end, that kid riding that big hoss will be a factor at the next ARA Indoor National...

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    Tuner position

    Hi Bill,

    I am a long time lurker, and have just joined, so please be kind.

    I live in the UK, and yes every man and his dog has a theory on Tuners, there is an awful lot to wade through.

    But if I remember correctly, did you not say you had found a way of checking the MD position, and would reveal this at some point.

    Or was it a false trail.

    Have read your book a few times, love the style of writing.
    Rim fire ammunition reminds me that God does have a sense of humor.

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