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Thread: 2021 ARA Indoor Nationals

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    2021 ARA Indoor Nationals

    2021 ARA Indoor Nationals

    CYA accuracy fool friends:

    The most anticipated Big National RFBR Event in years is the upcoming, in March, 2021 ARA Indoor Nationals.

    The most pressing question in all of big time RFBR today, is this:

    Will someone break Big Dog's ARA Indoor Nationals Record?

    Name:  Big Dog and Black Death - Copy.jpg
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    CYA accuracy fool friends:

    Big Dog's record is the most coveted, pure accuracy, RFBR record in the history of our sport.

    His record includes two 2500's................


    If the world don't end, and we still have some semblance of normal life after this virus thing, the 2021 ARA Indoor will be the most important Big National RFBR Event in the history of our sport.

    Will Big Dog's record be broken, with at last two 2500's in the mix?

    If his record is broken, is there any chance, at all, that a SAP ignition contraption will break it?

    Maybe that is shooting for the moon........

    Your friend, Bill pistol fool Calfee

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    Big Dog was down yesterday

    Big Dog was down yesterday

    CYA accuracy fool friends:

    Big Dog was down yesterday and brought me a big bunch of Thanksgiving food......killer dressing he makes, turkey, all the trimmings, pies with whipped cream, green beans, killer, I love green beans......

    Thank you Big Dog....awesome food.....


    We got to discussing the upcoming, in March, ARA Indoor Nationals...

    Especially the prospects of his record being broken....

    Name:  Big Dog and Black Death - Copy.jpg
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    He said records were meant to be broken......which is true....

    I then asked what he thought about the possibility of his record being broken, which would include at least two 2500's.

    He said he thought that might be the toughest part......

    I then ask Big Dog what he was thinking going into that last card, where he kicked out his 2nd 2500.

    He said, "Bill, I've been close, or in the lead, two or three times going into the last card of a Big National Event and couldn't find down deep inside me what it took to finish the job."

    He then said, "When I sat down for that last card I told myself, if I don't miss, they can't beat me."

    He then said, "When I started that last card with my usual fouler/sighter system, Death was killing it."

    "I made up my mind that I was not going to miss....."

    "And when I got to the last row and cut the dot out of the first two bulls, I knew right then I could not be beat, but, I made up my mind to pinwheel those last three bulls, too."

    "And I did."

    "And Bill, Mary was with me the whole time offering encouragement."


    Will Big Dog's record be broken come March?

    Your pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee

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    Interesting photo

    Interesting photo

    CYA accuracy fool friends:


    Death was born in 2008'......

    In 2011 Alan Bates, Deaths original owner, won the St Louis PSL, probably the toughest PSL of all to win.

    84 competitors that year....

    I found this old picture of Alan getting ready to have his official winners photograph taken...

    Name:  Black Death with PSL trophy110902-00100[1].jpg
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    An interesting aside:

    Alan won his PSL using red box Eley.....


    A year or so later Big Dog acquired Death......

    Then in 2015 I de-glazed Death's bore.......

    And four years later Big Dog and Death established the greatest, pure accuracy, Big National Event Record in the history of the sport, when Mike kicked out his unbelievable ARA Indoor Nationals Record Agg of 2416.667.....

    Which includes two 2500's......( which is probably the most spectacular aspect of the record)

    Name:  Big Dog and Black Death - Copy.jpg
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    Another interesting aside:

    Big Dog used Lapua.........

    In the exact same .150" plus leade engraved chamber that Alan used to win his PSL, with Eley.

    (So much for our self appointed Internet Lapua chambering experts)


    Who will be the next BLACK DEATH?

    Your pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee

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