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Thread: Pillar bedding....

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    Pillar bedding....

    Pillar bedding....

    This post is for CYankees only....

    In a proper pillar bedding job, the action never touches the pillars.....never.

    The action rests on the bedding only.....never directly on the pillars...

    Again, this post is for CYankees only.

    Your pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee

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    I'm not a professional bedder...

    I'm not a professional bedder...

    CYA accuracy fool friends:

    I'm not a professional why am I giving bedding advice?

    Because I'm not a professional bedder doesn't mean I don't understand what it takes to properly bed a RFBR gun.

    And how to recognize perfect bedding.

    Pillar bedding:

    First of all, does a RFBR gun have to be pillar bedded to make it a killer?

    There are no pillars in the Lee Six, SPG stock's bedding on Black Death.

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    So the answer is no, a killer RFBR gun does not have to be pillar bedded.

    Again, this is for CYankees only:

    The action should not rest on the pillars in a proper pillar bedding job.

    The action should confirm perfectly to, and rest on, the composite bedding material only.

    One other point:

    How much fore end to barrel movement is allowed in a perfect pillar bedding job?


    "But Calfee, zero is almost impossible to obtain."

    No it's not.....

    Your pistol fool friend, BC

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