Action stiffness

Please give us a run down on the good points of the scope compared to other common Benchrest scope. You know the pros and cons. If I can’t find a 40 I may look at their Spyder scope it is a variable and only goes up th 36x and it has a 35mm tube.
Skip variable IORs , they are too heavy and oversized for BR , many have a 40mm main tubes with something like 150moa of travel for LR,
36x fixed is likely discontinued, 40x is still made but even in Europe there is about a month wait, i guess BR scope market is small and they make small batches every year. They are too busy with aerospace optics
I'm too, very interested in knowing your feedback Jerry.
Check with BR friends in Finland they stumbled on a good deal at some retailer that happened to have 4-5 of them on stock, and i said buy everything he has.

I will check with Optics Trade if these are still available /when can new batch be expected
Sorry this took so long to post this. I’ve had some other things take precedence.

The 40x IOR is really clear, stable scope. I have a PAS Falcon I have a 3 GR benchmark barrel on that I use to test ammo and scopes with. With the 40x scope I can adjust it to zero, shoot 1 sighter and go directly to the record bulls indoors. i can then score a .074 mean radius with this outfit. I think it proves how stable this scope is. I have seen a lot of scopes move after adjusting, taking several shots to “settle”.
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