IOR Valdada 40X45 BR Rifle Scope

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First, I would like to say this is not an advertisement for IOR and I'm not paid by anyone for writing this.
I simply want to pass on what I hope to be useful information to fellow shooters.

I was looking for a good quality RFBR scope to use as a slave when testing various rifles. I wanted it to be less expensive than the Night Force Competition 15X55's and Khales 10X50's I was using.

I read on another forum that the IOR Valdada 40X45 BR may be just the ticket. Finding one wasn't easy, but I was able to buy one used but in excellent condition.

It arrived and I installed it. Here are my impressions.

First, it is a strictly business scope. No frills, no whistles, and no foolishness.

It has everything a benchrest shooter needs and nothing more. The sight picture is clear, and the reticle is the right size. Mine is the floating dot which I like a lot.

As my eyesight has deteriorated, I've had trouble seeing some of the very thin crosshairs. That was one of the reasons, two years ago, I went to using the Khales scopes. Before that I had been using Night Force 15X55's since they were introduced.

The cross hairs and dot in the IOR are perfect for me. Some may think they are a little large.

Looking though the scope and comparing the dot to .22 bullet holes in the paper it looks that the dot is about 1/3 the size of the bullet hole. Maybe slightly less.

That allows me to easily see the dot and still be very precise in where I place it. Since it is a floating dot, nothing I need to see for reference is covered.

So far, I'm very pleased with the Valdada IOR 40X BR.

I've heard the March High Master 48X52's are great fixed power scopes. If you have one and have experience with the Valdada IOR I would really like to see a comparison between the two.



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Glad to see you found one.
Indeed they are excellent BR scopes for less-than-perfect eyes , in many ways, they look crude in comparison to some of the outwardly more polished offerings. A slightly larger dot further eases the eye strain.
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