How many?

CYA accuracy fool friends:

Wonder how many of those 14 different, custom, SAP ignition action contraptions are just sitting in closets around the world drawing dust?

And the owners will never come even close to getting their money back...

What a different world we'd be living in today if for the past 23 years those custom SAP ignition action makers would have expended their talent and resources building MD-PAS ignition actions instead.

Your pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee



"Calfee, ain't you ever going to let up about this?"

"No, it's way too important........"

"And, if I don't tell the facts of the matter, who will?"

It's time I say this:

For every SAP ignition shooter who's infuriated by what I'm posting, there's 10 newbies and folks wanting to upgrade their contraptions who want to hear the facts.......