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Thread: Mary Sherrill Memorial Match

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    Mary Sherrill Memorial Match

    Mary Sherrill Memorial Match

    CYA accuracy fool friends:

    The Mary Sherrill Memorial Match will be this Sunday in Indianapolis..


    I still remember all the times when Mike and Mary would stop by after a Big National Event and show me the targets....

    I would sit at my computer desk.....Mike would sit in the big recliner and Mary would sit in my Eley directors chair, that Eley gave me years ago.

    When they walked in the first thing Mary would do, would be to give me a big hug......

    And when they left she would do likewise.

    CYA accuracy fool friends:

    Mary Sherrill never met a the matches the first thing she'd do would be to give everyone a big hug....

    Her birthday is in September........

    September, the month of warm days and cool nights, and the passing of summer into fall...........


    Your pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee

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    Mary was a special person

    Bill, thank you for warmly remembering my precious Mary. She was as good as it gets. She thought the world of you, which I know you were aware of. She never hid her feelings, they were definitely expressed in hugs. The most special ones also got a peck on the cheek.

    Mike "Big Dog" Sherrill
    "Everyday is like shooting into a funnel, you just don't know which way it is facing until you begin."

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    Just spoke to Big Dog

    Just spoke to Big Dog

    CYA accuracy fool friends:

    Just spoke to Big Dog.....I figured the match in Indy would be over by now....


    They have two targets to go as I type this....

    Three relays.....

    But here's the biggie, so far:

    Big Dog said he thinks Cliff Arnold is in the lead after four.......

    Now get this........Cliff is shooting a Vudoo..........

    Is SAP Nation about to have some competition to see which is the best custom SAP action?


    Your pistol fool friend, BC



    The last I heard the Vudoo uses a crescent firing pin, which if true is most certainly an advantage over other SAP actions...

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