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Thread: Where are the 13 Patterso Spec Rifles going ?

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    Friend TDX

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony K Harper View Post

    I'm just poking at you. I very much know what it is like not being able to do as you once could.

    I mean no harm. But sometimes I dream not of how things are, but how I would like things to be.

    I guess that is in some ways like living your youth again.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

    Your friend,

    TKH (4628)


    Friend TDX:

    Me and you are kinda in the same boat.....we've got 15 year old minds captured inside of 75-77 year old bodies....

    I'm lucky, I get to dream and J-PAT does all the work.........

    Tony, yesterday Jeff brought out a build he's working on for me to evaluate.....

    By the way, he knows the work he has me look at is perfect......


    He stood over by the shop door wearing a covid mask while I sat at the workbench and evaluate his work.....(course he's trying to hide a big sheep eating grin)

    So I got down to the chamber part of the evaluation......

    I checked his leade engraving length, based on the style rifling that was in the this case a 4-MI, and it was perfect.....

    Then I got to the chamber finishing................centering, and how fluid the transition is from the leade into the bore....

    TDX, I wish I could make them as perfect as this piece of work I held in my hands.......

    When I finished I looked over at him and smiled......then he let that big sheep eating grin explode and said what he always does:

    "Well Bill, you taught me."

    Me and you are dreamers, TDX......always will be.......and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too..

    Your pistol fool friend, BC

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    Investing in a legacy....

    Investing in a legacy....

    To the owner of SPEC P1, and the potential owners of the other 12 Patterson SPEC rifles:

    You folks are like the appreciators of fine art who invest massive sums to acquire their masterpieces....

    Mundane RFBR guns, no matter how successful they are occasionally, become forgotten as time moves on.

    Not so with SPEC rifles.......

    Years from now these 13 Patterson SPEC rifles will still be in front of the RFBR world......they will never be forgotten..

    Just look at my series of SPEC rifles, now 13 years old and still in front of the RFBR world with their value skyrocketing.

    Along with the legacy of J-PAT's SPEC rifles, their value will continue to increase.....

    You 13 folks are the envy of the entire world of Big Time RFBR......

    Let your journeys begin....

    Your cited pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee



    Isn't this a gorgeous piece of RFBR ART........and 13 years from today it will still be at the top of the RFBR world, and will only increase in value.

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