I just noticed, Brian Brandt is getting SPEC P12.......

CYA accuracy fool friends:

Here's a list TKH provided of who's getting the 13 J-PAT SPECS



Listed below is the current list of J-PAT SPEC rifles:

SPEC 1. Robert Oates "Primevil"

SPEC 2. Charles King (AKA BUBKING) Name: TBD

SPEC 3. Larry Parsons: Name TBD

SPEC 4. Anthony Wright: Name TBD

SPEC 5. Mike Sherill: Name TBD

SPEC 6. Bill Collaros "Waltzing Matilda"

SPEC 7. Brian Stehlik: Name TBD

SPEC 8 Brian Stehlik: Name TBD

SPEC 9. Larry Mills: "Tombstone"

SPEC 10. Not announced "The Virginian"

SPEC 11. Norm Flynn "Red River"

SPEC 12. Brian Brandt: Name TBD

SPEC 13. Still available as I write this. (SPEC P13 is also contracted for)


CYA accuracy fool friends, looking at this list I see that Brian Brandt is getting SPEC P12...

Brian Brandt is one of the "Major Players" in all of Big Time RFBR.....and I mean "Major".......

Brian is in the same league with TDX, himself......

CYA accuracy fool friends, I can't wait to see what Brian will do with SPEC P12.........

Now...........wonder what name Brian will choose?

Brian is from the "Show Me" State of Missouri......

These Patterson SPEC rifles are the most fascinating thing to come along in years in Big Time RFBR.

Your pistol fool friend, Bill Calfee